Solar Panel Stand

Solar panel stand is suitable for a particular wattage of solar panel or what solar stand is compatible with a particular brand of solar panel. For such information, you need to rely on a professional firm like Ecovolves which is trusted for its quality product.

What is Solar Panel Stand?

Solar panel stands also known as Mounting Structure, Solar Panel Holding Stands, Panel Stand, and Solar Structure.

It is generally seen people focus more on buying solar panel rather than the solar panel stand, since solar panel is the most integral part of a solar system and also accounts for the majority of the overall cost. A solar panel generally comes with a 25-year warranty. They generally buy solar stands from local market to save their cost and also honour their commitment. However, installers should be careful and use quality material solar stands because solar stand ultimately supports the entire solar system. A solar panel stand should account for 30% of the overall system cost.

Types of Solar Panel Stands


Solar panel stands for installation on the rooftops of your homes/ offices. This is the preferred choice for establishments which are owned by a customer. This is for RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) roof.

Factory Tin Shed

Solar panel stands for a tin shed on top of mills/ factories. This is low-height solar panel stands as well as light weight.

Wall Mounted

Sturdy and Robust Unique Product.Perfect specialized design for Sparkle Solar Panels.Material – Galvanized Iron with Powder Coating.


Rust Proof: It is rust free solar panel stands. The quality of solar panel stand is high.

Quality of Material: Made of Galvanized Iron which has 25 years of life.

Universal Design: Another unique feature of Loom Solar’s stand is that they are adaptable with all brands. They have a universal design which means that they can be used with any solar brand like Luminous, Microtek, LivGuard, etc. The standard size of almost brand panels is 4 oblong of 9 mm x 11 mm and grounding hole is 6 mm diameter on length side.