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Solar Cables

Our Solar DC Cable is basically used in photovoltaic power generation. It interconnects  solar panels and various other electrical components in the photovoltaic system. UV and weather resistant, this cable can be used in large temperature range. As a durable and strong , this  4 Sq. Mm. Solar Cable is mainly widely used for outdoor ground & roof mounted systems. To fulfill the different requirements of industries, we are able to provide this cable  in different lengths and sizes. Our customers can purchase this cable from us at market leading rates.

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Lifetime reliability

lasts up to 30 years even under tough external conditions.

Outdoor durability

resists extreme temperatures and ozone resistant.

UV resistance

full protection against ultraviolet rays


Low Smoke Emission & Low Toxicity/Corrosivity during fire.


Flexibility and stripability

For fast and easy installation

Fully recyclable

In accordance with new environmental regulations.

Chemical Features

Weather resistant
Resistant to mineral oils
Resistant to acids

Mechanical Feature

Resistant to Impact , tear & abrasion


Solar Cables are manufactured with the following materials

  1. Annealed Tinned Copper Conductor
  2. Cross Linked Polyolefin Compound
  3. Zero Halogen Polyolefin Compound


Our solar cables are manufactured in accordance with various British and International Standards. These include standard solar cable covering a range of applications typical of rooftop solar installations and of solar farms such as providing the interconnection of photovoltaic power generation systems, including the solar panel arrays. This robust outdoor cable range is designed to withstand severe environmental conditions and degradation from UV light exposure. 


    Solar cables are generally not installed in places where there is direct exposure to sunlight, however, throughout the day time they are continuously exposed to diffused or indirect sunlight. Moreover, they need to face extreme weather conditions and harsh handling. Considering these conditions we have developed a certain range of solar cables which can be used according to the prevalent conditions of the installation site. We also develop tailor-made solar cables as per customer’s requirements.